Zorg en Welzijn docenten in Estland om stages te beoordelen

Ever since students from the ROC healthcare academy heard that there are grants available to do internships abroad, students have found their way to the international office to register their names in the hope of being the first healthcare students to do an internship abroad. And indeed we have positively encouraged this, as there are Erasmus+ grants available at this moment in time.

Last year we first made contact with a vocational healthcare school in Estonia, which is able to accommodate our students during internships. But of course before we send our students to a part of Europe which is still quite unknown to most of us, we as a school would like to discover what the possibilities and circumstances are for our students. After all we want the students to gain the most from their time abroad.

For this reason, Eline van den Berg, from healthcare and Marcella Corsten, from health and welfare have left for a 4 day visit to Estonia this week. They will be spending their days attending lessons and giving a workshop at the school as well as checking out the facilities at a nearby nursing home and infant school to see whether these could be suitable locations for internships for our students.

The journey to Estonia on Sunday in a tiny plane was already quite an adventure. We hope to hear more about their adventures in the coming days. Watch this space!